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Happy Friday Y’all!

I cannot give this post the amount of thought I want at this time, so I will make it short, sweet, and to the point. Skipped breakfast today and enjoyed an ultra zero Monster (which if any of you haven’t tried…do it right now. Seriously. Stop what you’re doing. They are fabulous and will change your life). Planning on a healthy peanut butter sandwich for lunch and a steak and chicken salad for dinner. Cardio and core today. Wish me luck!

More thought provoking religious posts to come, pinky promise. 

Obligatory Welcome to My Blog

On my list of New Year’s resolutions was to make a blog with my thoughts and feelers on my journey through young adult Christianity. Not the sugar coated church goin’ Christians, the foul mouthed, drinking, and all around hellian kind of Christians. We’ll see how it goes. 

Oh yeah, and I’m fat so get ready for some stuff about that too.